Pyramid of Chemical Elements


This Pyramid contains every chemical element known to mankind and beyond

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  This Pyramid contains every element known to mankind and beyond. Each element has the proper amount of protons, neutrons, and electrons that have been discovered over the years in chemistry. The elements range from  Hydrogen (1) to Unquadnilium (144). Now with this same structure, you could add heavier elements on to infinity. I stopped at unquadnilium because it is the end of the 7th pyramid (there are 7 perfect pyramids inside this structure also). Now I don't know what this structure is. Could it be the infinite structure that God designed to create the universe, or its actual atoms and chemistry has their model wrong? ... Time will tell ...  This is not an overnight thought and I could have never figured this out on my own. That's why I believe that God gave me this structure back in 1990.  The structure is precision. If you do not use perfect triangles the slope will not equal the degrees of the angle with the pyramids of Egypt. The straight lines that make up the structure represent the strong nuclear force that holds the atoms together. The protons, electrons, and neutrons set inside the structure.  They would be tiny, tiny particles that would make the atoms mostly empty space. Therefore, they could be compressed to just about nothing. This information gives a ton of understanding of this model. Therefore, the atomic model in chemistry could be right, so, rest in peace you pioneers in Chemistry. This model is a simple model but contains a ton of information. How could the atomic weight and number of every atom be inside this structure? the odds would be so great that it would be impossible unless it is something that no one has discovered yet. There is also this same structure carved on a wall inside the Temple of Osiris at Abydos Egypt 5000 years ago. Now, this structure could have been designed by an 8-year-old kid in an art class, or it could be intelligent design. I have a feeling we will know one day soon.


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