Back in 1987, the content of this book was far beyond my imagination. I have always been interested in the first chapter of Genesis, but I could never make heads or tails out of the translation of King James. The purpose of this book is to understand the intent of the author and to see how well their understanding fits with the discoveries of Science in our generation. This story shows that the writers of the Bible who lived 3500 till 2000 years ago, could have had no idea of how the universe formed without the inspiration of God. For those who say that they need evidence, this is hard evidence that both the Bible and God are true.

    The story comes from the ancient Hebrew and the Greek text and not the translation of King James. This book is not a personal interpretation; the word meaning that I used comes from the actual definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek text of the creation scriptures of the Holy Bible. By using the Strong's concordance, I looked up every main word in the first chapter of Genesis of the King James Translation, Proverbs 8:22-31, and John 1:1-5. I looked through all of the definitions of those words that are found in the Strong's Concordance, I found different definitions. I found the definitions that it contained tell a modern-day story that all fit with the solar Nebular theory of Science. The story also fits with the discoveries of Science but not their scientific theories.

   When I look back on the time frame of this book, it makes me wonder about how close a lot of very important events took place within a matter of just a few years. At that time, I had no idea that they would take place in the near future. As it stands, the World Wide Web was open to the public in 1991. The COBE Satellite went up to explore the beginning. Then a year or so later, the Hubble was up and running. prior to the space telescopes, my book would have only been my understanding of the Bible. As it stands now, I have hard evidence of every step the Bible describes the creation. Without the World Wide Web, my book could not have been published worldwide. As it stands, I have my complete book posted here on my website. Over the years ahead, science has proved every event that the Bible describes, and in early May of 2018, my book was complete along with the discoveries of science. Three hours after completion, my wife and I decided to turn it over to the public for free.

   On my Website, I have PDF icons for each chapter. Just click on the individual chapter icon, and the link will take you there. If you see bold blue text added here and there, It will be new discoveries that have been made after the book was completed.

  I was raised in a Christian home and through my early years, the Bible was explained to me by my mother. When I was three years old my Dad was killed in a coal mine at Flat-Top Alabama. At 15 we moved to Detroit Michigan but only lived there for a year or so, then moved to Chicago Ill. A couple of years later I returned to Alabama to finish High school. By then, I was so far behind from changing schools, that I had lost all interest in school and just wanted to see the world. Therefore, I dropped out of High School and joined the Navy. The Navy gave me an electrical school at Great Lakes Ill. just north of Chicago. After EMA school, I joined the fleet aboard the New Aircraft carrier, the USS Independence. I eventually became a third class Electrician's mate.

   After my hitch in the Navy, I started shipping out with the Merchant Marines and ended up making it a lifetime career. The picture below my profile picture shows the world ports that I had a chance to visit. Some of them were during the writing of this book.

    Back in 1972, I finally got around to writing this book after years of day-dreaming about it. I had already read the first half of the King James translation, so I bought a pup-tent and some canned food and got my cousin to give me a ride to the River. I read the last half along with some ideas on the scientific theory of evolution. 

I was working for Willy, a well known local sign painter and he let me stay in the sign shop which had a room in the back with a bathroom. I was writing away one night and it was raining cats and dogs. Willy's son was practicing lettering in the sign shop and the book was starting to take shape. All at once, a gigantic big bolt of lightning hit something just outside the shop. The lights went out and Willy's son let out a yell. I felt like I jumped three feet into the air. When the lights came back on the book went in the trash can and stayed there for the next 15 years. During those 15 years, I spent a lot of time going over what I had together to see what I had wrong. 

   During that time, I got on a ship with a Christian who introduced me to the Strong's concordance. For the first time in my life, I got the chance to look up the Biblical Hebrew and Greek words and their definitions. If you have never owned a Strong's concordance, you need to get one. There's a Biblical education within the book. By going through the definitions of each major word, you can see what word meaning the author had in mind by going by the surrounding text. Over the years I studied for the writing of my book. If you passed my ship during the night, you would probably see a light from my porthole where I would be deep into bible study.

  In 1982, I married my wife Vivian. She lost our baby and I could not stand the thought of going back to sea because of the shape she was in. I started sign painting and stayed home with her. Seven years after traveling around the gulf coast in a campervan, I finally started to write my book again. This time I had a computer and the concordance and that made a big difference. I was working at Tampa Ship as an electrician by this time and would get up about 3 AM and work on my book. It was quite and my health was good, ... It was sort of like talking to God. 

   From 1987 to 1990, I wrote about my own ideas of the creation. By going step by step through what King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 8:22-31, also, the first chapter of Genesis, and John 1:1-5, I would ask myself, "If this happened, what was the cause?" Slowly over those three years with writes and rewrites, I pieced together a rough outline of the creation step by step. This was really stressful and required a ton of logic and study in the Hebrew and Greek text. 

  Then in 1990, Things started to happen. The Internet was open to the public, NASA put up the COBE satellite, then shortly after the Hubble space telescope was put into orbit. With these things, for the first time in the history of mankind, we got a chance to actually see the creation of the universe. Step by step, science started backing up my book with discoveries one at a time. It was like I had my own research team working for me. My poor wife and the guys at the shipyard caught it all. Some of them refused to work with me. It was like, "Did you hear about my book?" Then they would reply, "No, but I have a feeling that I'm going to." On line, the same thing. The scientific community had been beating me up for years, ... now it was my turn. ... :) ... no mercy. ... ​By 2018 my book was fulfilled by the discoveries of science. Through talking with a couple of publishers, My wife and I decided to open it up to the public for free. I now have the complete book for free on my Website and within a few hundred hits approaching my first 10,000. ... Enjoy. ... 


    Copy the link above to see the story about the Big Bang theory. The article is by Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist, and he makes a lot of sense.
This article is very important in what he says. Everyone needs to read this and teach it to their children. Otherwise, your child might not understand it and lead him to believe that the universe evolved by chance because science said it did.
   Open this to the Public to understand the Big Bang theory of science. This should have been made public before the theory became public. SCIENCE DOES NOT HAVE A THEORY OF THE BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE.



  This Pyramid contains every element known to mankind and beyond. Each element has the proper amount of protons, neutrons, and electrons that have been discovered over the years in chemistry. The elements range from  Hydrogen (1) to Unquadnilium (144). Now with this same structure, you could add heavier elements on to infinity. I stopped at unquadnilium because it is the end of the 7th pyramid (there are 7 perfect pyramids inside this structure also). Now I don't know what this structure is. Could it be the infinite structure that God designed to create the universe, or its actual atoms and chemistry has their model wrong? ... Time will tell ...  This is not an overnight thought and I could have never figured this out on my own. That's why I believe that God gave me this structure back in 1990.  The structure is precision. If you do not use perfect triangles the slope will not equal the degrees of the angle with the pyramids of Egypt. The straight lines that make up the structure represent the strong nuclear force that holds the atoms together. The protons, electrons, and neutrons set inside the structure.  They would be tiny, tiny particles that would make the atoms mostly empty space. Therefore, they could be compressed to just about nothing. This information gives a ton of understanding of this model. Therefore, the atomic model in chemistry could be right, so, rest in peace you pioneers in Chemistry. This model is a simple model but contains a ton of information. How could the atomic weight and number of every atom be inside this structure? the odds would be so great that it would be impossible unless it is something that no one has discovered yet. There is also this same structure carved on a wall inside the Temple of Osiris at Abydos Egypt 5000 years ago. Now, this structure could have been designed by an 8-year-old kid in an art class, or it could be intelligent design. I have a feeling we will know one day soon.


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